How to Beat Hunger Cravings

and Achieve Rapid Weight Loss

How To Beat Hunger Cravings And Achieve Rapid Weight LossLosing weight doesn’t have to be a soul-crushing slow grind. Siobhan White at Hypoxi Body Boutique Bulimba is a weight loss expert. Her own experience using Hypoxi and losing 10kg, 68cm and 3 dresses five months after giving birth to her son Max, motivated her to help other people experience the potential for rapid weight loss that Hypoxi offers.

Siobhan teaches her clients at Hypoxi Bulimba that diet and exercise are both necessary pathways for rapid weight loss. And when it comes to diet, one of the most important steps in the journey to rapid weight loss is beating hunger cravings for in-between-meal snacks, and unhealthy snacks generally.

Winter is a tough time for our waistlines. We have extra clothing layers to disguise our ballooning bodies, and the shorter, colder days are not conducive to the outdoor physical activity we need.

The best defence against creeping obesity is offense! Get on the offensive this winter and don’t just aim to not put on weight – lose weight and look great in time for summer!

So when you’re next in between meals and craving a sugary snack employ these three weapons to beat hunger pangs and be amazed at how quickly you can get the body you want!

  1. Hungry? Drink Water.

You will not believe how well this simple trick works. There are a multitude of different stimulus triggers that create the sensation of hunger. Most of them have nothing to do with needing food! The act of drinking water satisfies the physical response required to alleviate some of the hunger stimulus triggers, plus it’s really good for you! Drink more water!

  1. Hungry? Drink Coffee or Green Tea

Ok sometimes water is not cutting it and the hunger craving is painting pictures of donuts all over you’re mind. Resist! You have another weapon in your arsenal! Coffee and tea both help to raise your metabolism and therefore assist your body to burn the calories you’re eating. Again the physical act of drinking helps alleviate some of the hunger triggers, and the stimulus effect of the caffeine can also help to supress hunger chemically. Just limit your milk as much as possible (none is best of course) and cut out the sugar completely.

  1. Hungry? Eat Fat Burning Foods.

Ok you’re really actually seriously hungry and you need a snack to tide you over to your next (healthy) meal. Different foods have completely different effects on the body and mind based on which metabolic pathways they activate, the hormones they stimulate, and how many calories we burn eating them. Have these foods in your fridge and reach to them if you’ve had as much water, and tea or coffee as you can stomach:

Eggs – Great for making you feel full without having to ingest a billion calories. High in protein, healthy fats and a bucket-load of nutrients. Just make sure you eat the whole egg because the yolk is where all the nutrients are found.  Boil them or poach them but don’t fry them in saturated fat oils please. And 2 is enough.

Grapefruit – These lip-puckering suckers have been found in respected studies to be very effective contributors to weight loss. They are particular effective precursors to meals so if you are not sure if you are going to make it to lunch or dinner and need something to get you across the line in that last half an hour, just tuck into half a grape fruit and throw that packet of chips in the bin.

Nuts – A one-stop shop for protein, fibre and healthy fats with scientific studies backing up their ability to improve metabolic health and even direct weight loss. Just portion out a small handful. If you find yourself eating the whole packet, stop buying them and try another healthy snack food.

Tuna – Mmmm my personal favourite! Tuna eating feels like cheating because it tastes so good but this super fish is very low calorie and high protein. Make sure to use tuna canned in water not oil.

Boiled Potatoes – What? Potatoes? Bet you didn’t expect to see these on the list…Well it’s not just because Hypoxi Bulimba owner Siobhan White is from Ireland…

Boiled, and I emphasise BOILED potatoes, have a diverse spread of nutrients. They also pack a punch of potassium, an often underserved nutrient. Handy hint – boil and then allow to cool so they form resistant starch. This fibrous substance has been proven to assist weight loss!

Leafy Greens – Ok so call me a trend following sheep I don’t care. I love kale! In green juices in the morning or in salads, wraps, and even on the side of protein dishes, I’m a complete sucker for the vibrant, ever so slightly bitter taste of kale. Both kale and it’s leafy green siblings spinach, collard and swiss chards are loaded with fibre and are super low in calories and carbs. They also deliver calcium to your metabolic system which can aid fat burning.

Okay peeps you’ve got your weapons, now get out there destroy those hunger cravings! Good luck! Siobhan xx

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