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Australian Latin Beauty

by Miriam Rojas D.

Qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Midwife

Specialist in Skin Needling, Eyelash Extensions, and Semi-Permanent Procedures such us Eyebrows (block or powder; feather stroke & 3D look), Eyeliner (Eyelash enhance, Natural look & design), Lips (lip-liner, lip-liner and blend & full lips). Always providing the best service by using pigments from the USA, Netherlands, UK and Germany due to the high-quality standard of their products such as Nouveau Contour, Karen Bets, Pure by Bio Touch and Bio Touch.

Arrived from South America in 2007, then I started my training in Cosmetic Tattoo procedures in November 2013, with one of the best Master Trainer in Australia Janice Trainer (currently working part-time for her, before that, I was self-employed in the same industry). Followed my training and work my fascination with the Beauty Industry has increased, especially with Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Needling as it can really make a difference in everyday people’s life. Due to my medical background as a Midwife (with 7 years’ experience in Peru), I have found this type of procedures very familiar which made my learning smother with the essential touch of Art. I am eager to continuing learning to be able to provide quality service to my valuable clients.

I will be proving my service from February 2th in HYPOXI Newstead.

Monday and Thursday from 9am to 4pm. Other days are also available by appointment.

Please, call or msn 0432925480. Always special discount for senior citizens.

Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures:

EYEBROWS: Powdered/Block $450.00

Feather Stroke/Micro blading $499.00

3D Designer Brows $545.00


EYELINER: Top Eyeliner $350.00

Bottom Eyeliner $250.00

Top and Bottom Eyeliner $450.00

Eyeliner Design $650.00


LIPS: Lip Line $350.00

Lip Line and Blend $450.00

Full Lips $600.00

Beauty Spot – from $50.00


Note: For better results and long lasting, a second visit is required between 4-6 weeks after first procedure, allowing enough time to heal. From $ 100.00 – $150.00