How HYPOXI Works

How HYPOXI therapy Works: Hypoxi Newstead


Changing your body

Sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or how strict your diet is, you can’t always get the figure that you want. Why? Because your body will only burn fat that it can access easily. If you have poor circulation in certain areas, your body will not be able to burn fat from those regions. HYPOXI works by stimulating your circulation to specific problem areas of your body.

Changing your skin

Skin tone is another priority for many people. But how do you achieve it? Weight loss and building muscle won’t necessarily improve your skin tone at all. And endless exercise and diet often don’t combat cellulite the way you want it to. But with HYPOXI, you can improve your skin tone and specifically target cellulite.

Shape your figure and smooth your skin

How does HYPOXI therapy work? How can you shape your figure and smooth your skin? By targeting specific areas of your body that would otherwise be almost impossible to treat.

The HYPOXI method was created by Dr Egger as a solution to stubborn fat deposits, cellulite, and poor connective tissue. Using our HYPOXI machines and engaging in a light cardio program, you can achieve amazing results after only a few sessions.


The potential benefits of HYPOXI are many and varied, depending on your individual goals. Common benefits include:

  • fat reduction around the stomach, thighs, bum and hips
  • less cellulite
  • improved skin tone as well as texture
  • a better metabolism for burning fat
  • stronger circulation
  • body detoxification
  • feeling rejuvenated and alive
  • Lymph drainage.


Our specially designed and purpose-built machines will help you target those problematic areas of your body and help you look and feel your best.

Find out more about the machines we have at Hypoxi Newstead:

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