Hypoxi Dermology


Hypoxi Dermology


The Hypoxi Dermology machine at Hypoxi Newstead will help you tone and texture your skin and remove cellulite. If you are already using our other machines—such as the Vacunaut, L250 or S120—combining these with Hypoxi Dermology is the ideal way to fast-track your results. This machine is fantastic for men and women.

Hypoxi Dermology for men and women

The Hypoxi Dermology machine is ideal if you:

  • have started or are about to start a detox program
  • have severe cellulite and want to reduce its appearance
  • want to improve your skin tone and texture by firming it up
  • are using our L250 or S120 machines and want faster results
  • are using our Vacunuat machine and want to speed up the loss of fat from your stomach area
  • have issues with fluid retention.

Hypoxi Dermology – modernising an ancient principle

In Chinese medicine, ‘cupping’ has been used for hundreds of years (since the 4th century!) to treat and remove stress and toxins that have built up in your body. At Hypoxi, we’ve taken this ancient principle and created a modern treatment technique perfect for this day and age.

How does the Hypoxi Dermology machine work?

The Hypoxi Dermology machine has a sophisticated network of 400 pressure chambers. They focus on the stomach, thigh, hip and buttock region. The integrated chambers treat you in the same way as manual cupping. But with Hypoxi Dermology, we take the cupping technique to the next level by adding a number of benefits. These include:

  • no direct skin contact – this treatment is non-invasive
  • more of your skin is treated, and for as much as 100 times longer
  • increased cellulite and fat loss (in targeted areas) when combined with our other Hypoxi machines – even in very stubborn examples.

Why combine Hypoxi Dermology with our other devices?

When it’s used on its own, the Hypoxi Dermology machine is fantastic at improving the tone and texture of your skin. But why stop there? You can unlock the real power of this machine when you combine it with some of our other training machines. This includes our Vacunaut, L250, and S120 sessions. When you do this, you can fast-track your weight loss results as well as dramatically reduce the appearance cellulite—even if it is severe.

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