Weight Loss Machine Workout for Stomach, Hips: Newstead, Brisbane



The Vacunaut at Hypoxi Newstead targets specific problem areas on your body. Celebrities including Robbie Williams use the Vacunaut because of its proven ability to help shed abdominal fat. It is very effective at treating men and women

Vacunaut for Women

The Vacunaut is perfect for treating women:

  • with too much fat on their stomach and around their waist (apple-shaped body)
  • who are post-menopausal and want to remove stomach fat
  • who want to rediscover their hourglass body shape.

vacunaut-weight-loss-machineVacunaut for Men

The Vacunaut is also ideal for treating men who:

  • have a ‘beer belly’ or ‘gourmet gut’
  • want to define their abs for a competition, or just a healthier look.

How the Vacunaut works

The Vacunaut machine targets fat around your stomach and hips very effectively.

It is made up of an integrated network of 122 pressure chambers. These chambers directly treat your stomach area.

The Vacunaut requires you to do low-intensity exercise (like a fast walk). As you do this, the pressurised chambers (low pressure) work by stimulating blood supply to the fatty tissue located on your stomach and hips. Then the bloody supply is enriched with fatty acids. At this point, the other pressurised chambers (high pressure) speed up the transportation of blood to your muscles that are being exercised.

As you engage in a 30-minute session, the fatty acids that are moved directly from your problem zones are then burnt off via exercise. Independent scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Vacunaut at targeting specific areas – with as much as 80% of fat that’s broken down originates from the stomach and hip areas.

Studies also show that people who use the Vacunaut can lose as much as 3.5 times more circumference from their stomach when compared to normal exercise.

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